“It matters to us” epitomizes the way we see life, interpret the world, and get things done. We are committed to every decision we make in an effort to maintain the quality of our wines and take care of both those working with us and the world around us. At Santa Julia Winery we are a large family of people who are passionate about our land, our grapes and our wine.

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A Family Affair.

When the running of a winery remains in the hands of an entire family, it shows: decisions seem to take on a different quality. We are the third generation of family members who feel passionately about details, which proves that the choice of soils, grape varieties and wine varietals does matter to us—because we know it is our family name which is at stake, and we stand by it proudly.
Our winery is not a place of work. It is a place of life.


“We are Argentina’s #1 certified organic winegrower”.
Organic agriculture is a crop production system that preserves soil, ecosystem and human health.


“We believe the sky is the limit in Argentine winegrowing.
Attention to detail is at the heart of every great wine. We share a passion for making approachable, easy-to-drink wines, while keeping a balance with the environment, our main challenge.”
Ruben Ruffo Winemaking Manager.

Our People.

Fully aware of our responsibility, we seek to manage social impact by returning to the community some of the many assets it gives to us. Our challenge is to continue creating opportunities that foster education, production and culture in the communities we work in.

The right wine matters to us.